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Archives for September 2015

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Questions for Discussion: Acts 18:18-28

Questions for Discussion: Humble and Helpful Read Acts 18:18-28. 1. Share examples of people who you would be intimidated to have over for dinner (e.g. the President, a professor, your boss, etc.). Why would you feel intimidated to have them over? 2. Are you more inclined to think you have nothing of value to say or contrarily think you have all the answers? Who is some...

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Breaking Down Barriers, Building Bridges

"For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility" - Ephesians 2:14 The Church in Charleston will accomplish far more for the Kingdom of God when our local congregations choose to collaborate rather than compete. For this to happen, divides must be crossed in pursuit of unity. Understanding this, ou...

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Questions for Discussion: Acts 18:1-17

Questions for Discussion | When the Job is Too Big Read Acts 18:1-17. 1. If God was moving in our city, name some things that would be happening. If your personal finances, employment and housing situation were not stable, would you be able to simultaneously rejoice with what God is doing in the city? 2. Do you view life and ministry as primarily individual or communal?...

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One Year in God's Faithfulness

Throughout the Old Testament we see a God who is repeatedly faithful to the Israelite people. In spite of their idolatry and disobedience, the Lord made the decision to pursue a relationship with His chosen people. Two thousand years later, He continues in His faithfulness with those whom He calls His own. This weekend Centerpoint celebrated one year as a church plant. Tho...

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A Biblical Overview

Included in our Missionary Journeys series was a sermon on Acts 17:1-15. During this sermon, Pastor Steve Heron pointed to the Bible as the definitive authority in the life of a Christian. For believers, the Bible is not a textbook that we study to get smarter; the Scriptures are historical love letters written to you and I revealing the God who inspired them. As a church...

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Questions for Discussion: Acts 17:16-34

Questions for Discussion: Life on Mission Read 17:16-34.  1. When was the last time you were truly broken about the lost world around you? How can you grow in your compassion? 2. What is the sphere of influence God has placed you in to be a blessing to others? 3. What are the key components of the Gospel that Paul shared with the Athenians? Do you feel confident i...

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Questions for Discussion : Acts 17:1-15

Questions for Discussion: Who’s The Boss? Read Acts 17:1-15 1. Think about your decision making process. Do you invite others into that process? If so, why do you invite those specific people in? 2. How often does Scripture influence and/or challenge your decision making? Tell about a time when that happened. 3. When you have conflict over issues of life and doct...

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