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Archives for August 2015

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Questions for Discussion: Acts 16:16-40

Question for Discussion: Hope and Freedom Read Acts 16:16-40. 1. Describe when a situation didn’t go the way you wanted it to. Where you tempted to lose hope? 2. How does the gospel cause you to view your past and your future differently? 3. Paul ends up in prison for sharing the gospel. Have you experienced consequences (positive or negative) because of the gosp...

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Questions for Discussion | Acts 16:6-15

Questions for Discussion: Led by the Spirit Read Acts 16:6-15. 1. Describe a time in your life when the Lord was clearly leading you. 2. Put yourself in Lydia’s shoes. Who has been instrumental in your walk with God? 3. Put yourself in Paul’s shoes. How have you seen God use you to help others follow Him? 4. How do I have a tendency to overlook current rel...

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Questions for Discussion | Acts 15:36-16:5

Questions for Discussion Acts 15:36-16:5 | Relationships & The Mission of God 1. Think about conflict in your own life. What’s been the reason for some of that conflict? 2. What determines how you join God on mission? Relationships, opportunity, proximity? How has this affected major life decisions? 3. Take inventory of your background, convictions, and gifti...

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Questions for Discussion | Acts 15:1-35

Questions for Discussion Guardians of Grace | Acts 15:1-35 1. Read Galatians 5:1-12, Romans 2:17-24. What are some ways we identify righteousness externally? Is that right or wrong? What’s at stake? 2. What would you include on your list to a Gentile (non-Jew)? Do you feel tension to add to the grace of God? 3. What verses remind you of God’s salvation by grace alo...

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SEND: Translating a Conference to the Church

This past week our pastors and staff traveled to Nashville for the annual SEND: North America conference. The two-day training is hosted by the North American Mission Board - a ministry that exists to spread the gospel through domestic evangelism and church planting. During our staff’s time there, we were able to learn about "Joining the Everyday Mission of God"&nb...

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Questions for Discussion | Acts 14

Questions for Discussion Don't Quit | Acts 14 1. Describe a time where you were misunderstood as a Christian? How is the work of Jesus misunderstood by today’s culture? 2. Describe a time where the gospel has caused division? How do you maintain focus on your particular calling in the midst of misunderstanding, division or hardship? 3. How do you respond when peo...

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