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Archives for July 2015

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Questions for Discussion | Acts 13:13-52

Questions for Discussion Acts 13:13-52 | True Freedom Read: Romans 3:19-26 and Galatians 3:1-4,10-14. How is living in light of the gospel different that living under the law? How do these verses encourage you to live with more joy and freedom? Read these statements from Tim Keller and discuss where you see this struggle present in your own life. Religion: I obey-there...

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VBS Update

Vacation Bible School As the week comes to a close, we wrap up this summer's Vacation Bible School. We have been blessed by a team from Crestview Baptist (GA) who, for the second year in a row, has traveled to serve alongside our Kids Ministry at Burns Elementary. This has afforded our church an opportunity to build community with fellow believers while laboring for the g...

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VBS Recap & Next Steps

VBS Recap & Next Steps This summer our church had the opportunity to partner with Burns Elementary through offering Vacation Bible School to the community. By serving less than a mile away from our church offices, the Lord has continued to bless the relationship that has been established between Centerpoint and Charleston County School District (CCSD). We are seeing more ...

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Questions for Discussion

Questions for Discussion Acts 13:1-10 | God Sends His Best to the Worst 1. Where have you experienced opposition to the message of the Gospel? Where have you seen fruit? 2. Read 1 Peter 4:12-16. Does it surprise you that there is opposition to God’s work? Why or why not? 3. As you look back on your life, how have you seen God’s plans for You unfold in ways ...

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Questions for Discussion: A Church that Prays

Questions for Discussion: A Church that Prays 1. Do you often have difficulty with prayer? What things in the message have been helpful to you in this regard 2. Read John 16:23-24. How have you experienced joy in your prayer life? When have you known the most effective times of prayer in your own life? 3. How does it help and encourage you (if it does) when you pray tog...

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Questions for Discussion: Marks of Every Church

Questions for Discussion: Marks of Every Church 1.What is your reaction to current events? What convictions are being revealed or formed in you? 2. How are Christians portrayed in our culture? Does that surprise you? 3. What do you think it means to be a Christian? Doctrinally, Practically, Relationally? 4. What does it look like for us to love our community while hold...

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